Rising water levels…Floods everywhere… Your home is protected though!

Lexport of Noordwijk, The Netherlands, has developed an extremely clever water defence system that will help you keep your home dry and prevent rising waters from coming in. Our Floodgate is a light-weight, easy-to-use aluminium system that allows users to fight flood waters by placing a framed aluminium barrier between doorposts without having to use screws, silicon mastic and/or tape. Nothing gets damaged. No fixings needed, no drill holes. Your doorposts and paintwork will remain intact.

Once set to fit the size of your doors, Floodgate can be used again and again. No effort at all! Your door can still be opened and closed. You will not be a prisoner in your own home!

Floodgate comes in different sizes.

Your Floodgate will be delivered fully assembled and is easily placed. All you need to do is readjust the width of the frame to fit the size of your doorposts and apply the rubber strips that come with your Floodgate. Just push the lever down, your house is watertight!

The Floodgate can be extended to span widths of 82 to 94 centimetres.

The standard height is 41 centimetres, this can be increased to 82 centimetres.

The Lexport Floodgate comes at €389 (excluding shipping costs).